About Direct Energy Solar

We harness our energy expertise to make a difference in people’s lives.

We have developed over 9,000 commercial and residential solar systems.

Since its inception, Direct Energy Solar has installed over 9,000 solar systems in 15 states. Providing our customers with reliable access to solar power to lower their energy bills is our specialty and focus. As part of Centrica Business Solutions and the Direct Energy family of brands, we are dedicated to utilizing distributed energy solutions to provide our customers a competitive advantage by lowering their operating costs and increasing their resilience.

Our Story

Direct Energy Solar facts and figures as of February 2018.

Amount of solar that Direct Energy Solar has installed

Installed Solar

84.1 MW

Number of solar systems that Direct Energy Solar has installed

Number of Installs


Amount of energy that Direct Energy Solar systems have produced

Energy Production

273 GWh

The energy generated by our systems to date has offset the CO2 emissions from 184,482,491 pounds of coal.

Data from the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

Solar power is a miracle. That’s how it feels.

This life-giving ball of fire rises in the east and sets in the west every day of every year, and with the simple technology of solar panels, it can power your facility with clean electricity.

No fuels. No emissions. Just clean electricity.

We have dedicated ourselves to making this miracle come true for you...

We want to help you make this happen. We want to help you save money on your utility bill. We want you to use clean energy you can feel good about. In fact, we want to make getting solar power from us one of the most deeply satisfying decisions you’ve ever made.

We’re proud to bring solar power to the following areas:

For Commercial Solar:








New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York


Rhode Island


Washington DC

We are constantly evaluating new solar markets, so if we are not in your territory right now, we may be in the future.