The Benefits of Going Solar

Solar power from Centrica Business Solutions

Going solar makes good business sense.

Going solar is an exciting leap to a new level of energy efficiency, independence and conservation. It means a consistent, reliable source of energy for your business. It means electricity savings that lower your operating costs. And due to low equipment costs and innovative financing options, solar panels are now more accessible and affordable than ever.

Going solar makes good business sense if...

Benefit from low prices and incentives

Your Business Can Benefit from Today’s Low Prices and Incentives

Solar installation prices have dropped dramatically and federal and state incentives are available to help further reduce the cost of going solar. But these incentives won’t be around forever. Now is the perfect time to consider your options for solar.

Savings without upfront investment

You Want Savings Without an Upfront Capital Investment

Today’s financing options have eliminated the concept of payback period for solar. Several zero money down options exist—for customers who qualify—that provide immediate cost savings to your business. We’ll tailor the financing that’s best for your business.

Make econonic trends work in your favor

You Want to Make Economic Trends Work in Your Favor

Rates vary from state to state, but grid electricity prices keep trending upward. There may be occasional dips here and there, but why gamble with future electricity costs? Solar energy can help your bottom line.

Peace of Mind

You want to Protect Yourself from Energy Price Spikes

Electricity is a volatile commodity, sensitive to severe weather and fossil fuel shortages. With a solar installation, you are hedging a portion of your load at a stable rate for 20+ years, set at a price lower than what you pay for power now.

Featured Testimonial

“When we combined the decreased cost of solar panels and the tax and SREC incentives available, the project just made good business sense and aligns with our environmental goals.”

Eugenia Gregorio

Director of Corporate Responsibility for the Tower Companies

So, does going solar make good business sense to you?

If it does, then the next step is to choose a solar installer. Discover why you should choose Direct Energy Solar.

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